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Order of the Eclipse

A Pagan Order of Dedicated Polytheists

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pagan, paganism, religion, devotion, study

The Order of the Eclipse is a new Pagan Order with a focus on polytheism, dedication, and study. We're a friendly, loosely-run (and slightly chaotic) group. While we are all dedicated to our studies, the Order was formed as much to be a place to share our experiences and help one another with our studies.

This Community serves as a forum, wherein members of the Order can discuss their studies, their religion and related subjects.

nightshade_oak, aka San-chan, 22, living in New Zealand.
Desiring a sense of structure to my Pagan ways, I joined a few different groups that were interesting, but didn't fit. Then I realised that forming my own structure and religious group was totally plausible.
An eclectic Pagan, influenced mostly by Heathenry and Neo-Wicca. My hearth culture is Norse.

tuesdays0violet, aka Vi, 23, living in Ohio
Vi is an Asatruar (Norse Reconstructionist). Hearth culture, obviously, Norse.